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If you'd like to plot with Sherlock, this is the right place.


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You've reached Sherlock Holmes. Leave a message. 

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You've reached Sherlock Holmes, please leave a concise message and your call may or may not be returned. 

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Player Info
Name: Lily
Age: 24
Contact: [ profile] film_geek, anomolyfetish @ AIM
Characters Already in Teleios: none
Reserve: link

Character Basics:
Character Name:Sherlock Holmes
Journal: [personal profile] improbably_true
Age: 31
Fandom: Sherlock
Canon Point: post 2x03, The Reichenbach Fall.
Class A: 20 years
Class B: 50 years
Class C: 300 years, 9 months

GRAND TOTAL: 370 years, 9 months

Canon Character Section:
History: link

Sherlock is a scientist, relying on what he can see or conclude for evidence. He has the ability to observe several sets of data and draw a conclusion from this. Science makes logical sense to him, because he can trust his own mind. In the case of the Hounds of Baskerville, he is drugged and knows his eyes have seen a hound with red eyes, but his mind knows such a thing is impossible, and therefore comes to the conclusion that he's been drugged. Although he's wrong about the initial source, he uses his friend, John to prove such a thing. Unconventional, yes. Obvious. 

He can be crass, uncaring, and occasionally unkind. He doesn't care for social norms, seeing them as roadblocks to true communication, and usually in his case, catching a criminal. He created the career of a consulting detective, choosing to freelance or work with the police, occasionally without pay simply because he likes “the Work.” He criticizes Molly for her lipstick and then compliments her on her hairstyle to manipulate her to show him the corpses for his case. He also accuses her boyfriend of being gay, probably not because he is prejudiced, but because she claims him as her boyfriend and he sees Jim has apparently other interests, not knowing at the time the man will become his rival, James Moriarty. 

He is fiercely protective of those he does care about - a very close circle of friends. He is loyal to them, perhaps because he sees that they deserve to be protected, even though he may try to deny he has any emotional connection to them, still his actions prove further than words. Mrs. Hudson is most like his mother, Lestrade is an older friend or mentor – despite his apparent annoyance in relation to the man, and John is his best friend – though Sherlock would never admit that he is lonely and needs people at times. When the Americans threaten Mrs. Hudson, he proceeds to throw the man out the window and beat him up rather badly, sending him to the hospital, likely as a statement of what happens to people that try to use his landlady to get to him. Though his loyalty is really tested when he finds out about the three snipers that threaten his three friends, and he seems to plan for this, having the foresight to fake his own suicide. 

Sherlock has a very strong sense of justice and moral code, certain things are "right" and "wrong" to him, but social functions and working with others is not something he excels in. He may breech the social norms for physical space, he is known for getting up in a person's face, even to accuse them of negligence, purely for the sake of solving a case and catching a criminal. Despite that, he is a very private man when it comes to personal affairs, and is not above using barbs to make people back off.

The only "soft spot" he may have consistently is children, when it comes to interviews, though he doesn't particularly think he is "good around them". He treads a fine moral line, using body parts as experiments and people as assets while catching culprits. If intimidated, he tends to be ruthless. He can seem cold and calculating especially while focused on such things. He does feel emotion; he just prefers to suppress such things. He sees emotion as weakness; love as a vicious motivator; mostly because of the constant cycle of crimes that he sees. He tells much the same to Irene Adler, then proceeds to save her life, and helps her fake her own death. 

His childhood was relatively "normal" - he was bullied in school for his intelligence and eccentricity, but not at home. He did suffer from headaches, and stubbornly refused to communicate verbally until he was 8. His father left when he was young, and his mother died in his adolescence, though he never considers himself “disadvantaged” or a “troubled child”. He's been celibate for at least seven years, at the start of this particular verse, although he has been in one relationship before - and they departed amicably. They did not stay in contact, and Sherlock does not talk about such things to anyone. His habits with cocaine were not directly related to this relationship, a habit he believes he can stay away from for the remainder of his life, despite what he knows others’ think. He is not fond of information that does not directly relate to his ability to solve crimes, or that enables him to experiment in his free time.

He'd say he has "powers of deduction", but it's an intense set of observational skills, usually utilized to catch or target criminals. He's not one to mince words, to make things nice for others.
Additionally, he has some knife-throwing and gun-training, as well as a judo certification. 


Actionspam Sample:
Data. I need data.
[Sherlock is pacing in frustration, almost stomping across the wooden floor tapping his fingers together. He's obviously agitated.]

This just doesn't make sense. Magic doesn't exist. Slight of hand exists obviously, but magic doesn't exist - you can't make things appear out of thin air and you cannot appear from one place to the next. Can you? Explain how. There's no real scientific base for it, a childish fantasy, a myth.  

[His lip is curled up and his nose is crinkled in scorn. Hasn't believed in such things since he was three and he's not about to start now. There's a scornful laugh then.] 

Give me proof, something I can analyze, something concrete, some evidence, otherwise you're just someone with a very overactive imagination or you're using a rather crude form of teleportation, and one of these days you'll miscalculate and be scattered into nothing. 
Prose Sample:
Sherlock aims his gun in the empty warehouse. The evidence had suggested criminal activity of the sort of arms-running. It could be drugs or persons as well, What mattered to Sherlock was who they were connected to. Five men, small operation, most likely connected to a larger one.

It's only until one has their guard down does Sherlock grab him from behind the bin and pull him against the wall - pointing the gun against his head. When the man tries to punch him he ducks and incorporates some of his own training in.
"Who. Is. Head of this operation?"

He's got his knife out now as well as the gun if the man hasn't managed to wrench it free - crashing after too much coffee, prefers doughnuts for a snack, not ex-military, not skilled at fighting, just "visual muscle". No real training in fighting -  yet prepared for the next attack. Sometimes it saves time to interrogate as he fights. "I don't really want to hurt you." He narrows his eyes, it's a lie of course, but he's good at that. "Now tell me who -" he ducks as the man swings at him. "Who is head of this operation?" He manages to feign and take his advantage holding his knife to the man's throat and his gun to the man's temple. Either way, he dies. One more criminal off the street. 


Sherlock will likely adjust to his life or at least his "role" in Teleios, he can play undercover and a disguise if need be. The magic parts of things will baffle him and he will likely want to analyze them and find a scientific explanation or something that makes better sense to him than what he sees as simple fantasy. He will likely be suspicious at first, and may try to spout off deductions to test people's reactions.
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[personal profile] improbably_true - Sherlock Holmes [BBC]
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all of these except for John H. can be found under the same usernames on livejournal.
comment here or PM if you want to thread or do a musebox with any of these characters or have any questions. 
promise I don't bite, though I make no promises for Sherlock or Smaug. XD


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Character Name: Sherlock Holmes
Age: 31
Species: Clairvoyant
When Turned: technically a human with enhanced abilities, as in when he touches an object, even the floor or someone's writing, he can "See" what occurred. Sherlock uses it more for the past than the future, as usually his cases are victims that are already dead.

To open up options, Sherlock has not met John yet. Due to the emotional nature of Sherlock's cases, he has to tune down his own emotional reactions to certain things, but sometimes it can't be helped. He was raised in an upper middle class home, not far from London, went to both boarding and public school as a child, and has always has difficulty fitting in because of his "gift".

Both brothers remain tense and distant least one or the other is discovered by Rangers.
They do not discuss their parents as their father was killed by a Ranger when Sherlock was very small, and their mother succumbed to disease just as Sherlock was beginning to be able to control when and where to use his "gift".

Sherlock did not speak at all other than a devised method of sign-language until he was eight, therefore he is also perceptive to non-verbal communication as a simple skill, despite his ability lying in touching an object.

His "experiments" are usually his attempts to scry, or use other methods to solve the case.

What they're doing now: Sherlock is looking for new surroundings in Riverton, as he has been told there is a great number of these other creatures and they are so much dreadfully more interesting than humans.
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If you want to play with me - you have to send Mundane a message.

This version of Sherlock:
~does have Asperger's
~was terribly bullied in boarding school
~can play almost anything on the violin
~had a sister that died in the London Bombings
~was absent 18 months post-Reichenbach
~shut down a facility in France that used terrible methods on autistic kids
~has tortured Moriarty's associates for information relating to other associates/other crimes
~broke wrist while escaping said associates, who suffered a rather miserable fate afterwards
~maybe disorderly about his flat, but obsessed with the state of his slides/microscopic files
~depending on where we are in canon, may still suffer from addiction

Other things you should probably ask mundane.


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